Nuggets from Occult Invasion—ETIs, Spirit Communications, and NDEs |

Dave Hunt

Not only ETIs inhabit subspace and may be viewed there, according to Brown, but also spirits of the dead. Says Brown, “People who no longer reside in our physical space ‘live’ in subspace. It’s not accurate to say that these are ‘dead’ people, since they are very much alive.” Here we go again with the serpent’s denial of death! Brown’s story confirms the connection between all occult phenomena.

It was during an OBE at the Monroe Institute, says Brown, that “a remarkable thing happened that greatly changed my views about extraterrestrials.” He tells how he met the spirits of several long-dead relatives, but his recently deceased Aunt Elsie was missing. When he inquired about her he suddenly encountered “the brightest light I had ever experienced…like looking right into the sun,” and was confronted by “hundreds of thousands of Greys.” The dead aunt’s voice was heard to say, “These are the beings whom you want to help.” Here ETIs are associated with discarnates.

It should be no surprise to learn that Norman Vincent Peale, who brought more occult delusion into the church than anyone in this century, also claimed to have been in touch with discarnates on several occasions. Of one encounter, Peale wrote:

“I was seated on the platform of a large auditorium…. Some ten thousand persons…were singing hymns…. Then I ‘saw’ him, my father who had died long before at age eighty-five. He came striding down the aisle…about forty years old…. I was spellbound…[by] what I was ‘seeing.’ The huge auditorium faded away. I was only with him. Getting closer, he smiled that great smile of his. He raised his arm in the old-time gesture…. I arose from the chair, advanced to the edge of the platform, reaching for him. Then he was gone, leaving me shaken, somewhat embarrassed by my actions, but happy at the same time…. The bishop [on the platform]…when I told him of the incident…said, ‘Why shouldn’t we believe your father was here? He would like a meeting like this, wouldn’t he?’”

The altered state of consciousness essential for such experiences can come in a variety of ways. That Peale could have had such an unbiblical encounter is not the main problem, but that he would accept it as from God. Fighter pilots can have similar experiences under the stress of G-LOC (the loss or near-loss of consciousness suffered when subjected to several times the pull of gravity). In an Arthur C. Clarke TV special, pilot Rob McConell tells of coming into a bright light and a euphoric feeling under such conditions. On the same program, Jim Whinnery, chief aeromedical scientist at the Naval Air Warfare Center, describes G-LOC’s effect:

“Dreamlets that include seeing family, friends, loved ones, a sense of not wanting to be disturbed because it’s a pleasurable experience…extremely vivid…. Just after I had left the centrifuge and…was walking down the hall…I found that I was…up behind myself, looking down at myself….”

As we have seen, altered states of consciousness allow an alien spirit to operate the brain. Under those conditions one experiences implanted “memories” of prior lives, visions of the future, floating out of the body, cosmic or unity consciousness, contact with a being of light as well as with ETIs, etc. Altered consciousness would surely include the coma of a person who appears to be clinically dead.