Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Explaining God Away |

Dave Hunt

Similarly, science has tried to explain the order in the universe as resulting from impersonal laws. Yet consciousness is not subject to any known laws of nature, and its development cannot be accounted for by physical laws. In order to avoid admitting to some “intelligence” behind nature, the hard-core evolutionists hypothesize an “organizing principle” innate within the atom.

Organization requires intelligent planning and direction. This “organizing principle” is credited with all the qualities of God except that of being able to righteously judge those beings which it creates—a capacity which must be vigorously denied in order to escape its awesome consequences. Indeed, the impersonal force becomes personified in man where it resides, mysteriously hidden, as his alleged infinite potential.

Similarly, many modern theologians insist upon “truth” without divine inspiration. Denying that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word, they nevertheless appeal to it for lessons contained within its “myths.” That “myth” should be revered would seem to require far more gullibility than to believe in truth revealed by God. The famous mythologist Joseph Campbell tells Bill Moyers in their celebrated television series:

“Man’s tendency…is to personify…natural forces. Our way of thinking in the West sees God as the final source or cause of the energies and wonder of the universe. But in most Oriental thinking, and in primal thinking, also, the gods are rather manifestations and purveyors of the energy that is finally impersonal. They are not its source.

“The god is the vehicle of its energy. And the force or quality of the energy that is involved or represented determines the character and function of the god. There are gods of violence, there are gods of compassion…personifications of the energies in play….

“And hen you say, ‘Well, there must be somebody generating that energy’? Why do you have to say that? Why can’t the ultimate mystery be impersonal?”