Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Facing Up to a Serious Dilemma |

Dave Hunt

Do we believe the Bible or today’s liberal theologians and New Age prophets known as remote viewers? The results which the latter produce, if the reports are true, are impressive. International corporations and governments employ them because of the unusual service they offer. Thus we face a dilemma.

It is a dilemma, however, to which the Bible has already given us the answer. God’s Word declares that false prophets do indeed have access to some kind of paranormal power. Some may be able to perform feats that seem miraculous, even foretell the future to a limited extent. One need only cite Balaam or the miracles that Pharaoh’s magicians performed in the presence of Moses.

How can we know they are false prophets? The criterion for making that judgment is not their power, no matter how impressive, but whether they obey the God of the Bible or follow false gods. We must use that criterion in evaluating today’s prophets, whether they are called psychics, channelers, mediums, remote viewers, or by any other label.

The truth is that remote viewers sometimes disagree with one another regarding some very fundamental facts. Two of the men we have named, Professor Courtney Brown and Major Ed Dames, disagree with each other not only as to the theory of remote viewing but even regarding certain “targets.” And this in spite of the fact that each heads an institute devoted to remote viewing.

Ed Dames claims to have had a number of very reliable remote viewers target TWA Flight 800, the plane that went down in flames off the East Coast shortly after takeoff from New York in mid-1996. They decided that it was not a missile or bomb or sabotage of any kind, but a mechanical failure, and even located the part that broken down and explained in detail the resultant series of events that brought about the explosions. On the other hand, Professor Brown also claims to have had reliable remote viewers, under strict laboratory conditions, using the same military-derived procedures, target the same event. They concluded that it was sabotage. Said Dames on Gil Gross’s radio talk show:

“TWA Flight 800 we’ve done under very food controls and the results are available for you to look at right now free of charge on our web site….

“Absolutely every one of our professionals gets the exact same stuff…they’re not told what the target is until after the session is over…. It was a terrorist act, it was blown up; we’ve done deep mind probes of the terrorists, believe it or not we have a very good idea, information about that…we have no results at all indicating a mechanical failure….”