Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Fascinating Common Thread |

Dave Hunt

From the very beginning in the Garden of Eden Satan has communicated an unvarying lie to the human race to prevent mankind from believing in Christ and from receiving the pardon that Christ freely offers. The ideas of evolution and of life on other planets further that goal. Moreover, the messages being channeled from alleged ETIs are the same as those received in yogic trance, under hypnosis, on drugs, through mediums in séance, or in any other altered state of consciousness.

“Contact” with UFOs or alleged ETIs, as Vallee points out, is of an occult nature and involves altered states of consciousness in which delusion is at its greatest. It was Shirley MacLaine’s dabbling in the occult that opened her, like so many others, to the belief that extraterrestrials were in contact with earthlings to guide them into a “New Age.” One well-known contactee admitted to Vallee that aliens “provided much [data] on the occult side. They claimed they had a lot to do with our religion. They spoke about witchcraft and cults….”

Furthermore, the effect of repeated “contact” (which “contactees” themselves describe) sounds like demon-possession as the Bible presents it. Whitley Strieber, in Transformation, claims he can call ETIs into his life at any time. He simply turns himself over to these “visitors,” even though he admits that he still struggles with the fear that they are evil and he doesn’t know what they really represent. Again it sounds like Eileen Garrett and the spirits that controlled her when she went into trance.

At one point Strieber came to the conclusion that the visitors were probably the gods who creates us. UFOs and ETIs are clearly contributing to an ecumenical, worldwide religion condemned by God. In fact, these entities seem to resemble the ancient gods of the pagans. As only one example, an entity identifying itself as Ashtar (Ashtoreth, Astarte, Ishtar, etc.?) has been in communication with numerous contactees.

Ashtar has lied continually. George Van Tassel was given instructions for building an “Integration” that would reverse aging. Van Tassel is dead. Thelma Terrell, under the name Tuella, also channels Ashtar, who declared that the “great prophecies” from the space brothers would all be fulfilled in the early 1980s—another lie. Ashtar gave much other misinformation through T. James (about the earth being hollow, that George Adamski, who “published two books with obviously faked photographs,” was genuinely in touch with ETIs, that Lemurians still have cities in Antarctica, etc.). Of course, Ashtar’s main lies are about Jesus Christ, denying all that the Bible says about Him and creating “another Jesus” (2 Corinthians:11:4).