Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Finding the “God Power” Within |

Dave Hunt

One of the leaders of the occult invasion in the West was Alice A. Bailey. Before her death some 40 years ago, she was the chief channel for Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master, who dictated through her about 20 books and whose teachings are followed by Robert Muller and many other leaders. Amazingly, Khul’s dictations through Bailey present a precise blueprint of the occult invasion exactly as it has been proceeding. Bailey’s writings were originally published by the Lucifer Publishing Company, now known as Lucis Trust, which works closely with the United Nations. Its World Goodwill Newsletter declared:

“Avante-garde psychology is affirming amazing human potentials which, when cultivated, lead to states of consciousness which have always been called divine.”

Could these states of consciousness make it possible for demonic entities to take over and deceive those involved? Ignoring that possibility, psychic research seeks to establish scientific verification of a godlike power of the human mind which can clairvoyantly diagnose and heal diseases, shut down electronics, “see” what is happening at remote, secret, and hidden location, and even move physical objects at a distance. Beginning at Duke University in the 1930s with J. B. Rhine, the father of American parapsychology, numerous laboratory experiments (which have been repeated around the world) verified that mind is separate from the physical brain and is apparently able to influence physical forces and objects in a manner that defies physical laws.

We have made passing reference to the fact that the U. S. and other governments have avidly pursued the development of psychic powers for intelligence gathering, national defense and even offensive capabilities. The full truth about these programs remains a closely guarded secret. David Morehouse, who was involved in a CIA program, claims to have “spent eight months, eight hours a day, being trained…to transcend space and time to access people, places, and things remote from [him]…to go forward and backward in time…etc.” Psychology Today commented:

“Though the CIA claims it has abandoned the program [Star Gate]… Morehouse and his remote viewing colleagues believe…the government is…training individuals in ‘remote influence’—accessing another human mind to inflict harm on it…. Morehouse says remote influence was used against Saddam Hussein in the Gulf war. ‘Later, on CNN, I saw him accuse the U.S. of using psychics to attack him.’”

Though skeptics call spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller a fraud, SRI and other scientists expended much time and effort testing his powers and decided that some inexplicable force was involved. “Under scientists’ scrutiny, he erased video tapes [with his mind], increased the mass of gram weights, and called eight of 10 dice throws.” Shamans and mediums would say that such powers come from spirits, but differ as to the identity of these entities. Like most psychics, Uri Geller believes these are normal powers of the human mind and that “we once had full power over our minds, but…we have forgotten many of the abilities we once had.”

John Randolph Price founded the Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research “on the divinity of man.” Price unabashedly declares the Foundation’s goal to be:

“To continually document the truth that man is a spiritual being possessing all the powers of the spiritual realm…God individualized, and that as man realizes his true identity, he becomes a Master Mind with dominion over the material world.”