Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Growing Science/Religion Coalition |

Dave Hunt

This new partnership between religion, science, and politics began with the “Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival” in 1985. Spiritual and political leaders from five continents and the world’s five major religions gathered to plan ecological salvation and world peace. Conferees issued a joint declaration: “We are entering an era of global citizenship…. This new consciousness transcends all barriers of race and religion, ideology and nationality…. We hold up the vision of a new community, where…human violence gives way to an age of mutually assured welfare and peace.” Beware when mankind thinks it has achieved “peace and safety…” (1 Thessalonians:5:3)!

That pact led to the 1988 five-day Global Forum conference at Oxford, England. Religious and political leaders (joined this tie by leading scientists) from 52 countries met again to “join all faiths with all political attitudes.” Participants included U.S. senators and leading scientists, members of the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the U.N. Secretary General and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the late Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama, cabinet members, cardinals, swamis, bishops, rabbis, imams, and monks. The “Final Statement of the Conference” declared:

“We have [been]…brought together by a common concern for global survival, and have…derived from our meeting a vivid awareness of the essential oneness of humanity…[and] the realization that each human person has both a spiritual and a political dimension…. Each of us has been changed by our Oxford experience…and [we] have undertaken commitments that are irrevocable.”

Next came the January 15-19, 1990, Global Forum (with more than a thousand participants from 83 countries) held in Moscow, to which we referred earlier. It was cohosted by the first freely elected Soviet parliament, all Soviet religious bodies, the USSR Academy of Sciences, and the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity. In his plenary address, Senator (now [former] Vice President) Al Gore, a Southern Baptist who worships the mother goddess Gaia, declared that ecological problems could be solved only through a “new spirituality” common to all religions.

Participants signed “The Moscow Declaration.” That conference called for “a global council of spiritual leaders” and the “creation of an interfaith prayer…a new spiritual and ethical basis for human activities on Earth.” The Declaration itself states, “Humankind must enter into a new communion with Nature….” Obviously, such a declaration is meaningless if humankind is the evolutionary offspring of nature. Must animals, trees, and plants be urged to find a “new communion with Nature”? Then why mankind? The declaration was in fact an unwitting admission that man is not part of nature.