Nuggets from Occult Invasion—“Guidance” Gone Astray |

Dave Hunt

Behind the apparent success of this movement lies the entrapping delusion of occult guidance. Its worldwide triumphs hide the tragic stories of confusion, immorality, and ruined lives. A new magazine produced by David Belden, Forum on MRA, has become a medium of expression for those who wish at long last to tell the hidden truth. Livesey writes:

“After more than thirty years when this writer has heard only the plus side of MRA, at least from those in the movement, MRA people are exploring honestly and sensitively through Forum on MRA the problems they have known…. They are being confessed both by the 1930s generation and by their MRA children.”

Forum on MRA publishes letters from former MRA activists and their children as well as those still loyal to that organization. We now quote at length from one of those letters. Written by a woman to whom Livesey gave the pseudonym “Bertha,” it gives a rare insight into Buchman and his MA from the inside.

“[My] parents met Frank Buchman about 1939 and committed themselves to MRA. My young memories are intensely happy…. Guidance, MRA, the team meetings in our home, the dinners given to ‘change’ someone…. One day in a team meeting I got up and announced how I had given my life to God and was going to save the world…my father was on stage and I wanted to be just like him…. In November 1957, when I was 14, Dad had guidance to go on a trip in a small airplane with two other men. The plane crashed in the mountains and everyone was killed…. There were hundreds gathered at the Club for Dad’s memorial service…there was no body; just pieces and parts in the snow….”