Nuggets from Occult Invasion—“Guidance” As a Vehicle of Satanic Deception |

Dave Hunt

God Calling repeats the same lies found in A Course in Miracles, which also purports to be Christ’s words today. There are other similar channeled materials. One of the more recent is titled The Jesus Letters. Like God Calling, it was allegedly “received” from Jesus Christ by two women. The principal channeler was Jane Palzere. The means by which they received these Letters, again like God Calling and A Course in Miracles, was the well-known occult technique of automatic writing. Of these demonic Jesus Letters, which are filled with the most blatant heresy, Norman Vincent Peale (betraying again his perversion of Christianity) gave the following glowing endorsement:

“It little matters if these writings come from Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Jane [Jane Palzere]; they are all the same consciousness and that consciousness is God. I am a part of God, and Jane and Anna are part of that same God.”

A. J. Russell, who published God Calling, had earlier written For Sinners Only, in which he recommended the Oxford Group. Russell had claimed a “religious conversion” in 1924, following which he “had a number of strange mystical experiences in which the air around him seemed to crackle as though charged with electricity, and…he would hear a voice guiding him.” Here we have the occult invasion once again, and its influence very clearly runs through the Oxford Group into MRA, then AA, and on into the church of today.

Through For Sinners Only, “the Oxford Group became known worldwide.” Russell continued to be led by the voices of spirit entities which he considered to be “divine guidance.” Any investigation of the occult invasion of the world and church leads down a maze of interconnected pathways revealing the influence of a few key figures. Russell is undoubtedly one of them. He published Agnes Sanford’s books and promoted her occultism. Sanford, in turn, led a multitude of others astray through her influence upon church leaders such as John and Paula Sanford, Rita Bennett, Richard Foster, Bill Vaswig, and John Wimber. And always we find that “listening to the Spirit” in order to receive “guidance” plays an important part.