Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Hidden Agenda? |

Dave Hunt

Professor Courtney Brown’s book, Cosmic Journey, contains unusual information obtained through remote viewing of the alleged presence and activities of ETs on Mars and Earth. As a result, Brown has been in demand on radio talk shows. On the popular “Gil Gross Show” a caller mentioned that in his book Professor Brown had referred favorably to The Urantia Book and requested further information. The host of the program, Gil Gross, asked Brown, for the benefit of listeners, to describe The Urantia Book. Brown responded:

“[It’s] the story of the life on the other side of the physical domain…what I call subspace…the life that exists after you leave your physical body. And it also has a story of the life of Jesus…like the Bible, except it has more recent information….

“The military people…got The Urantia Book and it had some detailed discussions about x,y, and z things that had occurred and that were not so well spelled out in the Bible. And so they did some targeting on some of these things…and they were flabbergasted to find out that a lot of the things that were in The Urantia Book actually did occur….

“One of the things that was in The Urantia Book that we did find out was that the Adam and Eve story that’s in the Bible actually had some truth to it…a very small amount of truth. The reality was that the ancient prophets were in their own crude way primate remote viewers and they did actually perceive that there was a couple long ago that were somehow involved in the birth of humans…Adam and Eve were project managers of an ET cultural and genetic uplift project that went astray….”

Remember, Malachi Martin and Ed Dames both agreed that remote viewing involves entering a realm inhabited by spirit entities. Could it be that the same entities who inspired The Urantia Book are now granting the power of remote viewing for their own insidious purposes? That certainly seems likely, given remote viewing’s endorsement of Urantia. Could this fact also be a hint of the purpose of remote viewing—to establish its credibility and then use it to destroy faith in the Bible and set up a counter religion?

The Urantia Book goes to great lengths to undermine God’s Word, from Adam and Eve as “project managers of an ET…project that went astray” to complete rejection of the cross of Christ! It offers a new cosmology of the universe as well as new concepts of God, Christ and salvation. This cmplex volume of almost 2100 pages contradicts (or perverts) the Bible at every turn. “God” is a trinity of trinities; the higher one (Paradise Trinity) is existential and the lower two (Ultimate Trinity and Absolute Trinity) are experiential. And both are evolving in a 2-billion-year cycle.

There are universes within universes, with millions of “local universes,” each formed and thereafter ruled by a “Creator Son,” each of whom belongs to the “Order of Michael.” Michael of Nebadon (a local universe within which our planet, Urantia, revolves) incarnated to our planet as Jesus of Nazareth. This Jesus was the “personification of the 611,121st original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son [whatever that means!].” His headquarters is “a mansion of light on Salvington” and his evolution has taken him through “all three phases of intelligent creature existence: spiritual, morontial and material.”

The deluded remote viewers thought that The Urantia Book contained “more recent information” about “the life of Jesus.” The Urantia “Jesus” is not the Jesus of the Bible. This ponderous volume, inspired by demons, rejects the very heart of the gospel: that Christ died for our sins. It calls such an idea “a religion wholly puerile and primitive, a philosophy unworthy of an enlightened age of science and truth…utterly repulsive to the [millions of] celestial beings and divine rules who serve and reign in the universe…an affront to God…that innocent blood must be shed in order to win his favor or to divert the fictitious divine wrath.”