Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Holistic Education |

Dave Hunt

The new agenda for worldwide education involves the same holistic concepts that are taking over the health-care field. Holistic Education Review editor, Jeffrey Kane, admits that “holism refers to what is holy.” What does “holy” mean to humanists? And what does “holy” have to do with public education in the United States, where supposedly we have a separation between church and state? When Kane says that the goal of holistic education “will enable the child to unfold spiritually,” we know he is not referring to anything compatible with Christianity. Indeed, as Humanist Magazine stated:

“The classroom will and must become the area of combat between…the rotting corpse of Christianity…and the new faith of Humanism.”

Humanism is the religion of man as his own god possessing infinite power and having his own “values” within himself. It is the religion of the Human Potential movement, the occult religion of the psychic powers which man hopes to develop through supposedly higher states of consciousness. Imagination is the major vehicle of holistic education, the means of achieving this state most easily and of encountering the entities which inhabit the occult dimension. Donald A. Cowan, President Emeritus of the University of Dallas, has said:

“What will take the place of logic, fact and analysis in the coming age? The central way of thought for this new era will be imagination. Imagination will be the active, creative agent of culture, transforming brute materials to a higher, more knowable state….”

In her book Growing Up Gifted, Barbara Clark of the California State University system advocates yoga and visualization and the development of psychic powers. “Transcendence” is to be achieved through establishing a sense of unity consciousness among the students by “transpersonal communication,” creating confidence in U Thant’s purity within:

“Transpersonal communication is designed to help people learn to trust the validity of their personal experiences and accept what they learn from these experiences as their best source of wisdom and truth.”

While he was governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton and Hillary established The Governor’s School in a “restructuring” of that state’s public schools. Foul language was encouraged as part of a brainwashing procedure designed to strip students of biblical morals. There was blatant promotion of gay lifestyles, free sex, New Age beliefs and practices (including the worship of self and the universe as God), rebellion against authority, and alienation from parents as preparation for leadership in the New World Order. The Clinton administration aims to restructure the entire American public school system, bad as it already is, along these same lines.

It is in this atmosphere of open hostility to the Christian faith that our children and grandchildren must be raised. To compromise is to be destroyed inch by inch.