Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Host of Questions Arise |

Dave Hunt

“You’re not serious,” the lawyer responded with a skeptical smile.

“I’m afraid I am. This amazing contact with mysterious beings from a nonphysical dimension has been going on since the beginning of time.”

He insisted upon an explanation. Did I think these “beings” which the physicist seemingly encountered were extraterrestrials inhabiting other planets who were able with their superior technology to get to earth? Or were they “spirit beings,” as the nuclear scientist suspected? Were they demons, or angels, or something else? Or could it all be explained by some kind of innate power within the human psyche? What about psychics who predict the future or can apparently move physical objects with their minds? Is this all part of the occult? And what exactly is the occult?

Over breakfast that morning I did my best to explain why everything he had mentioned was indeed part of the occult, and exactly how it worked and what was behind it. In the ten years since that conversation, the practice of the occult and its popularity have grown at an astonishing rate.