Nuggets from Occult Invasion—An Important Distinction |

Dave Hunt

The Force is believed to be the guiding power behind evolution. We have seen that evolution is mathematically impossible. Furthermore, it could never account for man’s conscience. A sense of moral obligation cannot be explained in physiological terms. As Sir Arthur Eddington wrote, “Ought takes us outside chemistry and physics.” Man simply cannot be the product of evolutionary forces working on matter. There are no ethics or morals in nature. “Good” and “evil” do not apply to atoms or galaxies or natural forces such as gravity or electricity or psychic power (if there is such a thing).

A Force with dark and light sides allows no difference between a physical law and a moral law. But that distinction is extremely important. A moral law cannot be used for one’s own ends, though a physical law could be. Moral laws cannot become the source of personal empowerment, which is the major goal in the New Age movement. Universal moral laws which are binding upon all can only be prescribed by the Supreme God of supernatural monotheism, who Himself in His own character sets the standard of righteousness, love, purity and goodness.

In contrast to Eastern mysticism, Christianity teaches that the moral laws of Gods infinite justice have been violated and that finite man cannot pay the infinite penalty. By his rebellion, man deserves eternal separation from the God who created him. God could pay the infinite penalty demanded by His justice, but it wouldn’t be just because He is not one of us. Therefore, in infinite love, God became a man through the virgin birth so that, as God and man in one Person, He could pay the full penalty demanded by His law. This He did upon the cross.

The triumphant cry of Jesus just before He laid down His life—“It is finished”—is an accounting term in the original New Testament Greek (teleo, to discharge a debt). The infinite penalty for sin had been paid. According to the Bible, all man needs to do is to admit that as a sinner he deserves what Christ suffered in his place, and to receive the pardon that is offered as a free gift of God’s grace and love.

In contrast, there is a palpable emptiness to the occultist’s gospel. The only salvation it offers is power to take control of one’s life and to fulfill one’s desires. Righteousness and truth are missing altogether. The practice of yoga or the attainment of an altered state of consciousness in any other way in order to tap into the Force won’t even pay a traffic ticket, much less the eternal penalty for sin. The Force behind Hindu/Buddhist/New Age philosophy lacks the righteous basis for the forgiveness for which every sincere heart yearns. No sin is acknowledged, and even if it were, there is no God who has been sinned against, nor is there a just way for the sinner to be forgiven.

As its answer to man’s deepest longings and need, occult philosophy offers a lie. Instead of love, the greatest virtue and highest experience, we are left with a void. The Star Wars Force of the occult magician is no better “God” than the impersonal forces at work in the atheist’s materialist universe. Sir Arthur Eddington argues:

“When from the human heart, perplexed with the mystery of existence, the cry goes up, ‘What is it all about?’ it is no true answer to…reply: ‘It is about atoms and chaos; it is about a universe of fiery globes rolling on to impending doom….’”