Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Last Days “Signs and Wonders” (Part 1) |

Dave Hunt

It should be of more than passing interest to everyone that Jesus Christ and the prophets and apostles, whose words are recorded in the Bible, predicted the burgeoning interest in generic “spirituality” which we are experiencing today. As we shall see, they foretold a time of unprecedented interest in the mysterious and apparently miraculous. Yet they warned that these “last days signs and wonders” would be a great delusion that would prepare the world and a false church for Antichrist.

The fact that Christ and His apostles accurately pinpointed more than 1900 years ago precisely what we are seeing today ought to pique our interest in what else they said, and why. We will examine these prophecies and seek to understand them in the context of today’s highly touted “spiritual awakening” that is occurring simultaneously inside and outside the church. Could there be a connection?

Biblical prophets and Jesus Christ Himself warned of a great spiritual delusion and occult seduction in a period of time called the “last days” just prior to Christ’s return. The warnings concerned “false prophets” who would perform “great signs and wonders” that would be so convincing that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect” (Matthew:24:24). Paul also warned of a false “signs and wonders” movement in the last days (2 Timothy:3:8). Significantly, nowhere in the Bible do we find a good or legitimate “signs and wonders” movement prophesied for the last days, nor even a hint that it would be needed or helpful.

Today a growing “signs and wonders” movement in the Christian church is literally exploding and is involving not only charismatics and Pentecostals but even evangelicals who only a few years ago were opposed to what they would have characterized at that time as fraud. Today, in spite of the warnings by both Jesus and Paul, there is scarcely any thought that today’s signs and wonders might be part of the very spiritual deception which the Bible foretells.