Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Last Days “Signs and Wonders” (Part 2) |

Dave Hunt

We are also seeing as a part of the “signs and wonders” movement a burgeoning “church growth” movement, a “prayer and fasting for revival” movement, and a “spiritual warfare” movement, all working toward the same goal. Few are those who dare to see any connection between these movements within the church and the false “signs and wonders” which the Bible prophesies for the last-days apostate church. Those who call themselves Christians are just as reluctant to admit the possibility of any satanic involvement in their “miracles” as the secular world is to admit the possibility of such involvement in the human potential and psychic powers it seeks to develop.

It is this author’s conviction, based upon more than 50 years of observation and research, that we are in the midst of an accelerating occult seduction of both the secular world and the church. In the following pages we shall present the evidence and arguments on both sides so that the reader may come to his won conclusions regarding the truth behind today’s exploding interest in spirituality.