Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A “Law of Miracles”? |

Dave Hunt

The blessings of God’s natural order (sun, rain, etc.) fall “on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew:5:45). His miracles, however, are special blessings of His grace which are reserved for those who know and love Him. God will not extend His grace and blessing to those who reject Him. The “laws of faith,” however, according to the Positive Confession leaders, work for anyone, saint or sinner, just like the laws of science.

The teaching that non-Christians can create miracles by following “God’s laws of faith” or the “laws of the fourth dimension” is a serious heresy. Tragically, this tempting lie opens the door into the occult, where evil spirits gladly respond with a seeming “miracle” in order to deceive and seduce the unsuspecting into further delusions.

Pat Robertson is another Christian leader who has fallen for shamanism/Christian Science. Founder of the television show “700 Club,” Pat describes his book Beyond Reason as “an effort to teach some of the basic principles that enable you to understand and experience the flow of God’s energy…and to enter the world of miracles….” He teaches that miracles work according to laws which “are as valid for our lives as the laws of thermodynamics or the law of gravity.” Robertson says, “The metaphysical principles of the kingdom [of God], taken by themselves, can produce fantastic temporal benefits”—and these benefits, because they follow scientific laws, can be enjoyed by atheists as well as by Christians.

Robertson is teaching naturalism, not Christianity. So enamored is Robertson with the laws of science that he even claims there is a “law of miracles” which God must always follow in order to work a miracle. On the contrary, by very definition anything that can be explained by scientific laws, either in the physical or spiritual worlds, cannot be a miracle. Only by the intervention of God overriding the laws which He has imposed upon nature can a miracle occur.

Charismatic leaders who imagine they have discovered laws of faith are promoting a Christianized version of naturalism. Their “God” is not the transcendent Creator who exists outside of the physical universe which He created out of nothing (as Sir James Jeans argues must be the case). The “faith God” of Hagin, Robertson, et al. is tied to this physical universe and bound by its laws. John and Paula Sandford, well-known practitioners of “inner healing,” profess this irrational heresy as clearly as anyone:

“Miracles happen by the cooperation, union, and interplay of spirit and matter together…. Confused…men have thought…there had to be a violation of principles for miracles to happen…. What rot and bunk! Miracles happen by releasing power within matter according to God’s principles….

“Nature, being filled with the Spirit of God, has immeasurable power, locked within its tiniest cells…. Miracles happen by the operation of the Holy Spirit within principles far beyond our ability to comprehend but nonetheless scientific….

“I have sometimes been called a Christian Scientist when lecturing on these subjects….”