Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Left Holding the Self-Esteem Bag |

Christian psychology has promoted the lie that God loves us because of some value He sees in us; and even that Christ’s death proves we are of infinite value to God. Bruce Narramore exults: “What a foundation for self-esteem…! What a sense of worth and value this imparts. The Son of God considers us of such value that He gave His life for us.” How self-centered! The price He paid was because of our sin and the requirements of His justice. Nor is love based upon value. Spurgeon said it well:

“Jesus did not die for our righteousness, but He died for our sins. He did not come to save us because we were worth saving, but because we were utterly worthless, ruined, and undone. He did not come to earth out of any reason that was in us, but solely…because of reasons which He took from the depths of His own divine love. In due time He died for those whom He describes…as ungodly, applying to them as hopeless an adjective as He could….”