Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Legitimate Concern |

Dave Hunt

W. Brugh Joy is a medical-doctor-turned-Eastern-guru. Although he has had enough experience in the occult to be well aware of its dangers, he remains an avid believer and participant in occultism. Nevertheless, he issues this rather alarming warning:

“Tapping these energies is fire, and the consequences…can be psychosis, aggravation of neuroses, acceleration of disease processes and suicide.”

Such somber pronouncements are rarely heard from those who entice multitudes into occult involvement by trumpeting its benefits. One reads Phil Jackson’s book, Sacred Hoops, without finding even a hint that there might be dangers hidden within the native spirituality which he touts so highly. His very involvement, on the other hand, serves as a powerful endorsement of what he preaches to his team and readers.

Our concern will be to discover the source and ultimate fruit of occult powers. Unfortunately, the mere display of seemingly miraculous powers is sufficient to cause many people to follower wherever it seems to lead them, as though anything supernatural must of necessity be benevolent. It should be clear, however, that evil is very real. Nor is there any reason to believe that evil, so prominent in the natural realm, would not be just as likely to exist in the paranormal.

We will therefore be examining evidence for the reality of these powers, as well as facing some serious and important questions about them. Are they from God or from Satan? Does either God or Satan, or both, actually exist? Or is there simply one universal Force embodying “dark” and “light” sides? Do occult powers and experiences lead ultimately to good or evil, to blessing or destruction? Is it possible to be sure of the source and final disposition of occult powers? If so, how?