Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Magic of the Mass |

Dave Hunt

The sacraments (liturgy and ritual) are the very heart of Roman Catholicism and essential to the salvation it purports to offer. At the heart of the liturgy is the sacrifice of the Mass. (Anyone who desires to observe the Roman Catholic Mass will find it enacted on EWTN.) Pope John Paul II has said, “Holy Mass is the absolute center of my life and of every day of my life … the most important and the most sacred moment for me is the celebration of the Eucharist.”

Yet in that which he considers most sacred, the Pope continues the compromise with pagan occultism begun by Constantine. During a 1984 visit to New Guinea, Pope John Paul II presided over an outdoor celebration of the “New Mass” involving “dancers who pranced to the altar for the offertory procession, throwing up clouds of orange and yellow smoke, a pagan custom to ward off evil spirits … [while] an 18-year-old college student read a passage of Scripture at the papal altar wearing her traditional clothes [nude above the waist].” The New York Times said the Mass was indicative of… the Roman Catholic Church’s efforts to make its services more universal by integrating into its ritual and liturgy elements of the cultures of the peoples to whom Western missionaries brought their religion.