Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Mind Distinguished from Brain |

TBC Staff
Dave Hunt

If the physical/material universe is all there is, then every facet of occultism (which necessarily occurs in a nonphysical universe) is simply a delusion. There is, however, far too much evidence in support of so-called ESP, telekinesis, precognition, poltergeist activity and other forms of the occult to allow one to accept materialistic dogma. Carl Rogers eventually confessed that “mind is an entity far greater than brain….” Recognizing that consciousness could not be explained by materialism, Rogers realized the consequences and on that basis predicted the imminent practical application of “such paranormal phenomena as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition…healing energies…the power of meditation, transcendent forces….”

The famous neurologist Wilder Penfield put it well: “The mind is independent of the brain. The brain is a computer, but it is programmed by something that is outside itself, the mind.” Logically, if the mind/spirit/soul is independent of the brain, it could survive the death of the body. Carl Jung, reflecting upon whether the soul, which he called “the psyche,” might survive physical death, wrote:

“Total loss of consciousness can be accompanied by perceptions of the outside world and vivid dream experiences. Since the cerebral cortex, the seat of consciousness, is not functioning at these times, there is as yet no explanation for such phenomena. They may be evidence for at least a subjective persistence of the capacity for consciousness—even in a state of apparent unconsciousness.”

That some form of consciousness persists even when the brain is not functioning is evident from the many testimonies of those who have been declared brain dead and yet lived to describe in detail what was happening around them while they were being revived. A consciousness that functions independently of the brain is obviously nonphysical. The world of the occult is also nonphysical but it can affect this physical dimension just as our nonphysical minds operate our brains.