Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The “Miracles” of the “Saints” |

Dave Hunt

Miraculous powers which only God possesses are attributed not only to Catholicism’s Mary but to many other alleged saints. Catholics have their favorite saint or saints with whom they feel a special relationship and in whom they have special confidence. The Hem of His Garment, a new book by Fr. Lawrence Gesy, tells the stories of alleged healings attributed to “saints.” For example, a woman “crippled in an auto accident [who] suffered 10 years of chronic pain and multiple surgeries” claimed a complete cure through St. Anne.

To be voted into sainthood after death, one must have done miracles in life. Stories of apparitions of the “saints” and their continuing “miracles” are promoted along with the belief that they watch over and protect those who pray to them. The following is a recent newspaper account of the “making of a saint”:

“Ten years ago, a little girl named after a Jewish-born nun killed by the Nazis lay dying in a Boston hospital. … Her parents prayed to her namesake, Edith Stein, who was known as Sister Teresa Benedicta. Their prayers were answered and the girl lived. … She believes Stein is still watching over her. … Now, the Vatican has ruled that her recovery was a miracle attributable to the nun and moved Stein a step closer to becoming a Roman Catholic saint. …. The Vatican announced April 8 [1997] that Pope John Paul II had officially recognized the miracle, the final step before canonization.”