Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Mysterious, Invisible “Energy Source”? |

Dave Hunt

That there are mysterious forces in the universe no one can deny. A Force beyond human understanding holds the nucleus of the atom together and somehow supplies energy to the electrons in orbit around the nucleus. The universe is filled with mysteries which science is unable to explain.

Although we know that gravity and electricity exist and we can observe and measure them and even put them to use to our own ends, science does not know what these forces are or how they originated. Science tells us that everything is made of energy and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it cannot tell us what energy itself is, how it originated, the source of its power, or why it operates according to certain laws. Physicist Lambert Dolphin writes:

The nucleus of the atom contains positively charged and neutral particles…. Mutual electrostatic repulsion between the like-positive protons would drive the nucleus apart…. There is thus an active force imposed on the universe, which actively holds the very atoms of the material world together moment by moment, day by day, century by century. Similarly, accelerated electrons circling the nucleus should quickly radiate all their energy away and fall into the nucleus unless there exists an invisible energy source to counteract this.

What is this “invisible energy source”? And what is the “intelligence” behind it? Obviously no “force” has intelligence. That there are many forces productively involved in nature is evidence of an Infinite Intelligence behind all things.

The fact that each force, whether of gravity or entropy, is bound by definite laws (which in turn all cooperate with one another) is evidence enough that no individual “force” is in control. Clearly, all forces are subject to an overriding Intelligence that created them. Nor can anyone sustain a suggestion that one “side” of the Force, either “light” or “dark,” is stronger than the other. Thus the situation is hopeless, for neither side will ever triumph. Indeed, “good” and “evil” are meaningless terms.