Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Native, Indigenous, and Nature Religion |

Dave Hunt

One of the surest and most acceptable paths leading into the occult is today’s back-to-nature movement in the name of ecological preservation of our planet. Earth has suffered much harmful damage due to mankind’s carelessness and greed. While the industrial nations must bear their share of the blame, some of the worst pollution and destruction has occurred in Communist lands and also in developing countries of the Third World. Furthermore, pollution (such as that caused by volcanic eruptions) and destruction (such as blight and insects, forest fires started by lightning, or plagues are an integral part of nature itself.

Nevertheless, the popular delusion has gained unchallenged acceptance that anything “natural” must be beneficial. It seems to be overlooked that nothing is more natural than disease, suffering, death, and natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, and floods, to name a few). In fact it is against such destruction regularly wrought by nature that humanity has desperately struggled to protect itself, and in so doing has arrived at the present degree of civilization.

It seems more than ironic that after mankind has fought for centuries against the often antagonistic and sometimes deadly forces of nature, there should now be a popular and growing movement calling for partnership with these same forces. Such ideas sound appealing, but would have afforded no comfort to the Donner Party starving in the impossibly deep snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. To them (and to other victims of wind, ice, and storm) nature could not have been more cruel, vicious, and unmerciful!