Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Naturalism or Supernaturalism? |

Dave Hunt

If we are to understand occultism and recognize the difference between the power of Satan and the power of God (which look the same to uninformed observers), then we must make the very important distinction between naturalism and supernaturalism. In naturalism, all events follow scientifically explicable laws of cause and effect. There are no miracles—only natural occurrences. As we shall see, even many who call themselves evangelicals hold to this pagan belief. It is an ancient heresy that was taught among Christians as far back as St. Augustine, one of the fathers of the Roman Catholic Church. He said:

“God does not act contrary to nature, but only [contrary] to the order of nature known to us.”

On the contrary, the God of the Bible exists outside of nature. He created the universe out of nothing and He is totally independent of time, space, and matter. Although God may use natural events as He sees fit, His intervention in human affairs often involves overriding the laws with which He has bound the universe. Were that not the case, no miracle could occur, for a miracle by very definition must violate the physical laws which govern the universe. The very fact that the laws of science have been violated is proof of God’s intervention. No one else, including Satan, can do so.

One often hears the statement that “science has proven that miracles are impossible.” On the contrary, such “proof” is impossible. A miracle must be beyond the ability of science to explain, and thus beyond the ability of science either to prove or to disprove. Inasmuch as science can only deal with natural phenomena it can make no pronouncements about supernatural events. When Einstein was asked what impact his theory of relativity would have on religion he replied, “None. Relativity is a purely scientific theory and has nothing to do with religion.”

Naturalism holds out no ultimate hope of escape from the inexorable deterioration and death of all things. There could be no hope of eternal life for mankind without a God who exists outside of the universe and who can reach into it to bring resurrection life out of the universal death which is an integral part of nature. Indeed, the Force behind naturalism is on its way to extinction.