Nuggets from Occult Invasion—New Age, Old Lie |

Dave Hunt

For many years the magazine of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the United States was called New Age. That title accurately described Masonic beliefs and rites. In order to hide that fact (because the truth about the New Age is becoming known), the name has been changed to Scottish Rite Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction USA, or The Scottish Rite Journal.

There is a remarkable center of occultism known as Findhorn on the east coast of Scotland. Sometimes called “the Vatican of the New Age movement,” Findhorn was founded upon the specific instructions of alleged “spirit guides.” Co-founder Eileen Caddy was apparently the first to receive this guidance through an “inner voice” that said, “Be still…and know that I am God…. Listen to Me, and all will be well…. I am closer than your breath, than your hands and feet. Trust in Me.” An inner voice is a major tool of the occult. We will later see the prevalence of this delusion within the church and the devastation it is creating.

All of the original adult members of this unique community of Findhorn were “channels” for a variety of entities that had brought them all together by similar “guidance.” Harmony with nature and communion with the spirits inhabiting nature were the common theme. Even the alleged spirits of “transformed” Russian prisoners that channeled through Anne Edwards preached the familiar gospel of naturalism/pantheism: that everything is “God” and that each person’s “Higher Self,” as a part of “God,” can create its own reality.

This appealing message, again so similar to what the serpent told Eve in the Garden, is being repeated through literally thousands of “channels” as the phenomenon of contact with “spirit guides” explodes around the world. Satan has been the source of this lie since the beginning and continues to instill it in minds that are open to his inspiration. Psychiatrist and LSD researcher Stanislav Grof notes with approval the consistent thread running through the world of the occult:

“In these LSD experiments, people were…moving into what we call transpersonal realms…which include past-life memories, mythological encounters, experiences of oneness with nature, oneness with the cosmos, and so on…. When I met Swami Muktananda who invited me to a seminar on Kashmir Sivaism, a system of Indian Philosophy, I discovered…that this ancient philosophical system was extremely similar to the system that has emerged spontaneously from the non-ordinary [altered] states of consciousness of modern Westerners. To find such a convergence was a very interesting thing…that people are discovering the same perennial truths [in] these non-ordinary states as the ancient mystics had discovered…. The most advanced developments in science are returning to this ancient knowledge that comes from the mystical traditions.”

This consistency cannot be the result of imagination. Will Baron, however, was reluctant to believe that the visualizations and meditation he was being indoctrinated into were anything more than imagination. Yet the experiences were so surprising and powerful that he was convinced. He describes the first experience:

“As one of the group members was channeling a message, all of a sudden the inside of my forehead lighted up…as if someone switched on an electric bulb inside the front of my brain.”

Further convincing evidence came when a new member gave psychic readings to the group after they had visualized her “in the center of a triangle of golden light…this Christ light…aligned to her higher self.” She told Will things about himself that she couldn’t possibly have known. Says Will:

“I was absolutely stunned….With excitement I told Rosie…that everything channeled had been 100 percent accurate. At the end of the class, I…[asked her], ‘Rosie, have you been involved in this kind of channeling activity for a long time?’

‘No, not at all,’ she replied. ‘In fact this is the first class that I have attended….’

‘Wow,’ I exclaimed. ‘You have incredible psychic ability!’”