Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The New Panacea: Eastern “Meditation” |

Dave Hunt

Harvard University has long been among the leaders in promoting the occult through psychic research. One of its projects involved experimentation with Buddhist monks’ psychic powers. The results have been convincing. For example, a Harvard film crew, dressed for the Arctic, set out in zero-degree-Fahrenheit weather from a 17,000-foot-elevation monastery, accompanying ten monks wearing only sandals and light cotton wraparound cloths. At 19,000 feet, on a rocky Cliffside ledge, “the monks took off their sandals and squatted down on their haunches…leaned forward, put their heads on the ground, and draped the light cotton wrappings over their bodies.” Harvard professor Herbert Benson reported:

“In this position, being essentially naked, they spent the entire night practicing a special type of gTum-mo meditation called Repeu…. A light snow drifted down over them during the early morning hours. No ordinary person could have endured these conditions. We’re sure of that. Yet the monks…simply remained quietly in their meditative positions for about eight consecutive hours…. Finally, at the…sounding of a small horn, they stood up, shook the snow off their backs, put their sandals on and calmly walked back down the mountain again.”

Paramahansa Yogananda attempted to explain such amazing abilities of certain monks: “Lord Krishna pointed out the holy science by which the yogi may master his body and convert it, at will, into pure energy. The possibility of this yogic feat is not beyond the theoretical comprehension of modern scientists pioneers in an atomic age. All matter has been proved to be reducible to energy.”

In fact, there is no evidence that any atomic conversion of any part of a yogi’s body takes place. If that were the case, yogis would not need to eat, drink, or sleep for days at a time and could duplicate the feats of Superman. Yogis have definite limitations far below the level of atomic energy. The possessing demon is obviously limited in what it can manifest through a human body.

The scientists at Harvard and elsewhere accumulate data which show that something paranormal is going on. But science cannot explain it because the source behind psychic power is not atomic but demonic, a source which science can neither identify nor evaluate. Eastern meditation, having been credited with miraculous power, has become increasingly popular in the West. It is another door into the occult.