Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A New “Scientific” Paganism |

Dave Hunt

Yet mankind had become so accustomed to the dominance of science that (contrary to Einstein’s advice) it continued to look to science for authoritative direction in the new realm of the nonphysical or spiritual. Thus science took on spiritual trappings and became the new paganism. At its altars the world continues to worship human achievement and potential in anticipation of the day when its high priests will have conquered not only space and the atom but will have unlocked every hidden secret of the occult as well. At last mankind will have achieved virtual immortality as master of the universe. This ancient lie of the serpent to Eve, kept alive in pagan religions and the occult, having now donned the mask of modern science is ripening to reap God’s wrath upon this world.

The prestige of science backing the new paganism has virtually guaranteed its acceptance by the educated world. Mixing science and religion turns God into an impersonal energy source to be tapped by scientifically applying universal laws. Not only the physical world, but now the spiritual as well, can be controlled “scientifically.” Such is the deadly delusion that seduces modern man.

The old occultism, like karma and reincarnation, was based upon a presumed “law of cause and effect.” When the witch doctor slits a rooster’s throat, sprinkles the blood in a certain pattern, and mumbles a secret incantation, the spirits must respond with their magic as part of the bargain. So it is with the new paganism and its new rituals. The only difference is that the formulas are scientific and the priests and priestesses have donned the new robes of laboratory researchers.