Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Persistent, Unexplained Phenomenon |

Dave Hunt

The UFO craze is fueled by sightings of UFOs worldwide. There were a great number in the Soviet Union beginning in April 1989, with the largest concentration coming in the city of Voronezh (population about 1 million), 300 miles southeast of Moscow. Newspapers around the world carried the story of witnesses observing a UFO land in a park, and its giant occupants get out and walk around. There were so many sightings and witnesses that Vallee went to the USSR accompanied by an investigative reporter from Le Figaro to check the story for himself. He concluded:

“The USSR was in the grip of one of the most massive UFO waves to come along since the French wave of 1954…[leaving] a clear message: the UFO mystery is as vivid and as puzzling as ever…. But of its physical reality there cannot be any doubt.”

More recently, numerous UFO sightings in Israel have been reported in the Israeli press. “‘The Great Invasion,’ headlined one story in the Maariv daily, in which 16 examples of UFO sightings in the past three months were reported….”

Israeli radio has even aired reports of alien abductions. A certain Uri Sakhov said his captors were green, only reached his chest in height, and made unintelligible sounds. “Scientists found that dust on Sakhov…was different from soil in the area.” At about the same time (revealing the hysteria that surrounds this subject), “hundreds, if not thousands of panicked Spaniards collapsed TB and radio switchboards with frantic calls…[in response to] a ‘news alert’ showing aliens hovering over New York…[and] New Yorkers fleeing in the streets.” It was all actually an ad (at the bottom of the TV screen was the word “advertisement”) for the U.S. film Independence Day opening in Spain. Shades of Orson Welles!

The vast majority of the thousands of UFO sightings reported annually have some ordinary explanation. Many reports are crackpot inventions, such as Louis Farrakhan’s assertion that he was “carried by a beam up into an unidentified flying object called the Mother Plane where the voice of the long-dead Elijah Muhammad announced that Reagan and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were planning a vast and bloody war.” Equally ludicrous are the claims of abductions for medical examinations and impregnation of women for crossbreeding and the many supposedly witnessed crashes of UFOs. Surely any civilization billions of years ahead of us wouldn’t need to make so many clumsy attempts at such procedures, nor would its space vehicles navigate light years of space only to crash on earth.

It is beyond the scope of this book to document the many cases of seemingly valid UFO sightings. Those may be studied from other sources. This author is personally acquainted with reliable witnesses who have carefully observed UFO phenomena at very close range. These are not “lights dancing across the sky” as were seen across Arizona in March 1997 by many witnesses and recorded on video and which remain unexplained. These were daylight encounters lasting several minutes at such close range that there was no mistaking the reality of what was seen, and no earthly explanation for it.