Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Playing God Through Visualization |

TBC Staff

We have referred to visualization, the major occult technique for allegedly creating reality. Phil Jackson learned it in college, and it became a very important part of his “spirituality” as well as a technique which he has taught to the Chicago Bulls team. Yonggi Cho teaches that God created the universe through visualizing it first in His mind and then manifesting it through the power of thought, and that we, through the laws of the “fourth dimension,” can do the same.

Cho insists that one cannot have faith except through visualizing that for which one is praying, and that through visualizing we bring this goal or object into being. However, as we have seen, we can only visualize the gross outline of a person or thing. The actual composition of cells and atoms is beyond our imagination. Our visualization could hardly be responsible for bringing into existence what we can’t visualize!

Of course, some forms of visualization (an architect visualizing the structure he is drawing, a reader visualizing the scene described in a novel, etc.) are legitimate. One enters the occult through using visualization to create reality or to contact spirit entities, including Christian attempts to visualize Jesus, or God.

Phil Jackson says that during “forty-five minutes of visualization at home” before the game, “I usually call up images of the players in my mind and try to ‘embrace them in the light,’ to use the Pentecostal parlance that has been adopted by the New Age.” Again Phil reveals his ignorance of Christianity. The idea of being embraced by the white light comes neither from the Bible nor from “Pentecostal parlance” but from the occult.