Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Power, Power, Who Has the Power? |

Dave Hunt

Instead of the eons of effort and initiation which the Mormon expects to endure in order to reach godhood, yoga offers self-realization (the arousal of the Kundalini serpent power) in this life. Parapsychologists hope to demonstrate in the lab that the powers of godhood already reside within us all and only need to be released. World Goodwill is confident that “we can experience ourselves as we really are…our divine inner self…we must believe in the divinity of humanity.”

Experimental psychologist and parapsychologist Lawrence LeShan, after many years of careful research, concluded that psychic powers are demonstrable under laboratory conditions but that they are beyond scientific explanation. He wrote:

“As we continue our exploration…of consciousness, we find that the methods of logic and of mathematics…cannot be used here. They simply do not apply.”

Sir Arthur Eddington agreed. This “greatest of the British astronomers” said, “Natural law is not applicable to the unseen world…. All attempts to prove that these powers come from the human mind or psyche have failed.” Could that be because they do not originate from man but from another source?

It is comforting to believe that a God of love, justice, mercy, and infinite wisdom and power is in charge of the universe. It would be terrifying indeed if instead there were billions of self-centered gods, each with infinite power. The hope of realizing the alleged infinite human potential is exciting for oneself, but the thought that everyone else could have the same power turns the dream into a nightmare. Life would become a ghastly struggle of a world of sorcerers competing with each other.

Consider the terror that grips members of thoroughly shamanized primitive cultures. These exist not only in the Amazon jungles today but in “civilized” countries such as Haiti, where voodoo is an ever-present terror in spite of the claim that it is used only for benign purposes. What a frightful place this world would be if every Tom, Dick, and Harry, as well as every Jane and Joan, had infinite God-powers to use as each pleased!