Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Prescription Drugs |

Dave Hunt

Medical science has increased the average lifespan remarkably, for which we are all grateful. It cannot, however, escape responsibility for the discovery, proliferation, and over subscription of drugs. We are an evil and unrepentant society, and (just as the Bible foretells for the last days) a large part of that evil is due to drugs: “Neither repented they of their murders [including abortions?], nor of their sorceries…” (Revelation:9:21).

Even young children are being caught in the drug web. If Johnny misbehaves, mother increases his Ritalin dose; and to keep herself on an even keel, she takes Prozac. A large percentage of Americans no longer know how to stand up to adversity and thereby develop strength of character. Instead of facing their problems and working through to a solution, they insist upon a wonder drug to assist them with every difficulty.

The United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies Ritalin in “”Schedule II,” along with cocaine and other addictive drugs such as PCP. The Indiana Prevention Resource Center warns that “snorting or injecting Ritalin” for its “cocaine-like stimulant effects…is just the latest trend…that recalls the ‘Speed Freak” era of the late 1960s.” In fact, “all branches of the armed forces reject potential enlistees who use Ritalin or similar behavior-modifying medications.” Says Marine recruiter Master Sergeant Cruz Tores:

“Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do if the person has been using Ritalin. It’s considered to be a mind-altering drug. Because of that, the [armed] services look at it as a very, very serious drug.”

Influential psychoanalyst Elizabeth Zetzel considers a person’s endurance of anxiety and depression essential to proper emotional growth. She warns that to artificially improve mood with a pill could deny the person the very strengthening experience needed for a real solution. Christians who take the easy way out through a drug miss the lesson of endurance and faith that God wants to teach them! Psychiatrist Peter Breggin, a leading expert on psychoactive drugs, warns:

“The moral and psychological dangers posed by Prozac [and other similar drugs] are ultimately more threatening than its physical side effects. But this is not the first time that America has fallen unabashedly in love with a prescription medication. Until the danger of addiction became obvious, Valium enjoyed an escalating reputation as “mother’s little helper.” Housewives got through their daily chores by remaining in a drug-induced fog….”

There are more cells in the brain than stars in the universe; and these cells make up hundreds of billions of neurons and trillions of synapses in perfect balance. Moreover, the mysterious link between the spirit of man (which was made in God’s image) and his brain and body is forever beyond the grasp of science. Yet that connection is being tampered with by drugs in order to adjust man’s behavior. How could there be a chemical solution? Yet millions take drugs such as Prozac, Effexor, Benezedrine, Dexedrine, Ritalin, Zoloft, Paxil, etc. to adjust mood and behavior.

The brain is far too complex to be precisely “adjusted” with drugs. There are more than 500 different neurotransmitters in the brain and no one knows exactly how they work or the consequences of “adjusting” them with drugs. As Time recently pointed out in a research article:

“So far, the tools [drugs] used to manipulate serotonin in the human brain are more like pharmacological machetes than they are like scalpels—crudely effective by capable of doing plenty of collateral damage. Says Barry Jacobs, a neuro-surgeon at Princeton University, “We just don’t know enough about how the brain works.”

Dr. Breggin reminds us: “If depression…has a biological or genetic basis, it has not been demonstrated scientifically…. Biopsychiatric theory remains pure speculation and runs counter to a great deal of research and clinical experience, as well as common sense….” Breggin continues:

“The biochemical imbalance theory has replaced Freud’s psychological theory as the most widely accepted explanation for emotional pain and suffering. Freud’s theory in turn had replaced more religious and philosophical explanations, such as original sin, the devil, and moral degeneracy…. The biochemical imbalance theory is merely the latest biopsychiatric speculation, presented to the public as a scientific truth…. The ironic truth is this: The only known biochemical imbalances in the brains of nearly all psychiatric patients are those caused by the treatments. Those rare exceptions who have known hormonal disorders…are almost always treated as medical rather than psychiatric patients.”