Nuggets from Occult Invasion—“Proof,” But of What? |

Dave Hunt

A most unusual case involved the well-known psychologist William James and Columbia University professor of logic James Hyslop. The latter was a psychic investigator and friend of Carl Jung. Hyslop and Jung had together concluded that “spirits” from a nonphysical dimension of reality were communicating. Hyslop and James agreed that whoever died first would try to make contact with the survivor. James died in 1910. Hyslop lived another ten years.

Some time after James’ death, Hyslop received a letter from a husband and wife (whom he had never heard of) in Ireland (a country he had never visited). They had been playing with a Ouija-board-like device and were bombarded by messages from the discarnate spirit of someone named William James telling them to contact a Professor James Hyslop, of whom they had never heard. The message they delivered was “Remember the red pajamas?” It was an apparent reference to a trip Hyslop and James had taken together in which, upon arriving in Paris, their luggage was missing. They shopped for a few necessities. The pajamas Hyslop bought were bright red and James had teased hi about them at the time.

While it would seem that only the surviving spirit of William James could have sent such a message, there is another possible explanation: A demon who knew of the red pajamas incident could very well have sent that message in order to encourage faith in the satanic lie that death is only an illusion. There are many other remarkable cases like this one.