Nuggets from Occult Invasion—“Prophets” with Undeserved Honor |

Dave Hunt

Today’s false prophets boast of their power and use it to threaten those who would reprove them with God’s Word. To escape correction, they warn critics, “Touch not the Lord’s anointed,” and threaten that those who question them will suffer God’s judgment. With Paul Crouch backing him, Benny Hinn threatened on TBN that if critics dared to “touch the Lord’s anointed” (meaning him), their children would die. In one of the many visions of Jesus which Kenneth Hagin says he has received, he was told (“The Lord said to me”) that there would be ministers who rejected him as a prophet who, as a result, would “fall dead in the pulpit.” They should have been falling like flies, for there are thousands of ministers who have rejected Hagin’s message.