Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Protection from the Wrong Side |

Dave Hunt

While Professor Courtney Brown was a guest on Art Bell’s late-night radio program, “Coast to Coast” (carried on more than 300 stations), Bell mentioned that international bestselling author Malachi Martin (Jesuit priest and onetime professor at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute) had called remote viewing “nitroglycerin to the soul.” In response, Brown tried to distinguish between the type of remote viewing that the military employs and the Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) taught at The Farsight Institute (headed by Brown), which allegedly is used only for the good of others. Brown implied that those involved at his Institute are under spiritual protection because all students and instructors engage in Transcendental Meditation (TM) each evening.

Yet TM itself is unquestionably part of the occult. This author has interview ex-TMers who, after becoming involved in TM, were invaded by demons or suddenly found themselves apparently “out of their bodes” up on the ceiling looking down upon themselves. Former TM instructor R. D. Scott tells of numerous terrifying occult episodes among meditators during training courses under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, TM’s founder. These experiences could not be figments of the imagination because often more than one person witnesses the same manifestations simultaneously:

“[Meditators’ being thrown across the room…visions of floating green eyes…creatures of light floating above the puja table [during initiation ceremonies] as well as demons jumping down meditator’s throats and possessing them, ghoulish creatures materializing periodically to stare with terrifying expressions at meditators, or fearful processions of other-worldly creatures appearing suddenly and seen by many witnesses.”

On the basis of the testimony of numerous former TMers, including some who had attained high levels in the organization, Transcendental Meditation is not a practice in which to engage for spiritual protection. That Professor Brown believes that TM provides such protection would indicate that he is badly deceived and is receiving his “protection” not from God but from the enemy of his soul. That he could entertain such error and that his entire organization is similarly deceived does not commend remote viewing.

Art Bell later interview Fr. Malachi Martin and Major Ed Dames together on his program. Martin has been an adviser to popes and is an exorcist who uses traditional Roman Catholic ritual to confront the demonic. He claims to have seen overwhelming proof of Satan’s existence, believes in demonic possession (which he documents in his bestseller, Hostage to the Devil), and allegedly has seen many demonized persons set free through the Catholic ritual of exorcism.