Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Recovering “Suppressed” Memories |

Dave Hunt

A plague of false memories of alleged sexual abuse “revealed in therapy” is destroying literally thousands of families across the country, many of them Christian. This author received a call from a disturbed pastor. “I need some advice,” he began. “A young woman in our church has been going to a respected Christian psychologist and has discovered that her father abused her sexually between the ages of two and five and even involved her in satanic rituals! And he’s the head of our board of elders! What do we do?”

When asked how this “abuse” was discovered, the pastor replied: “The psychologist regressed her back into her childhood, and the memories surfaced. Of course, the father denies the accusation and the mother swears it never happened. Brothers and sisters, some older and some younger, also say it couldn’t have happened. But these ‘memories’ are so real, she says we’ve got to do something.”