Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Remote Viewing |

TBC Staff
Dave Hunt

One of the most powerful occult practices known today is called “remote viewing,” to be dealt with in depth in the next chapter. Its practitioners claim that information of any kind can be obtained, no matter how far removed from the viewer by space or even past or future time. Remote viewing is still being used by both the American and Russian (and other) military and intelligence establishments for espionage purposes. The results, many of them still classified and secret, are mind-boggling and totally inexplicable by science. So accurate have remote viewers become, so they tell us, that governments rely upon them for secret missions when lives hang in the balance.

One of today’s premier remote viewers, Major Ed Dames, testifies to having used this occult power in the military. Congress is allegedly well aware of such activities and appropriates funds for this pursuit. Dames heads Psi Tech, a firm which specializes in remote viewing for the civilian world. Still called upon by the military in difficult cases, he claims to have been used to locate chemical weapons that Saddam Hussein was hiding in Iraq from United Nations inspection teams. In all of its remote viewing assignments, Psi Tech guarantees 100 percent accuracy to its customers!

Edgar Cayce many years ago claimed to be able to see “the body” of the patient he was diagnosing in trance and could even describe that person and the bed and room he occupied. Much of Cayce’s remote viewing (including his medical diagnosis) proved to be amazingly accurate. Such practices among psychics continue today. Time magazine recently reported:

“Rosemary Altea is a spiritual medium and a healer who with her spirit guide, an Apache called Grey Eagle, communicates with spirits to heal, guide and console…. Writes Altea [in The Eagle and the Rose]: ‘Using mind energy connected with universal God energy, we can give absent or distant healing.’”

Remote viewers are not so ready to admit the involvement of “spirits.” Remote viewing is mentioned briefly here because it has contributed in a major way to the death of materialism. There is no physical explanation for the remarkable phenomenon of remote viewing.

Another of today’s best-known remote viewers, who also was involved with this technique for the United States military establishment, is Emory University professor Courtney Brown. In the civilian world he teaches and employs what he calls Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV). Says Professor Brown:

“You have to understand that remote viewing is absolute positive proof…that we’re more than our physical bodies. It was developed in laboratory conditions and now operationalized under laboratory conditions with the strictest of controls.

“Remote viewing procedures demonstrate that we have a soul, that we are more than physical beings because the properties of the soul are what we use when we remote view…. There is a whole realm of life out there that’s not physical.”