Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Searching for an Explanation |

Dave Hunt

In a recent conference at Harvard Medical School, “spirituality” was linked to health, and speakers referred to a “patient’s spirituality” as an “untapped resource.” Harvard’s Herbert Benson writes in his latest book, Timeless Healing: “Our genetic blueprint has made believing in an Infinite Absolute part of our nature. Evolution has so equipped us in order to offset our unique ability to ponder our own mortality. To counter this fundamental angst, humans are also wired for God.”

Again we are confronted with the most astounding nonsense from a university professor: Although God does not exist, it is beneficial to humans to believe in a nonexistent “god.” Therefore, the “force” behind evolution, knowing that belief in this imaginary “god” would have a powerful placebo effect, introduced this fantasy into our genetic makeup. What ludicrous fantasies people will concoct in an attempt to escape moral accountability to the God who created them!

Yet for the placebo effect to work it doesn’t matter what or in whom one believes. Belief itself activates some inner power. Evolution needn’t have wired us to believe in a “god” at all. Wouldn’t it have been better to wire us to believe in ourselves so we wouldn’t have to attend seminars designed to build up our self-image and practice yoga to realize that our true self is god?

Nevertheless, in apparent full agreement with Benson, Rhawn Joseph, a neuroscientist at the Palo Alto VA Medical Center in California, declares, “The ability to have religious experiences has a neuro-anatomical basis.” How amazing that this fantasy belief in a nonexistent “god” works in conjunction with neurological mechanisms which evolution has developed to accompany it! And those who promote this shameless malarkey ridicule faith in God! Surely Christ’s words apply equally to today’s scientific Pharisees: “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel” (Matthew:23:24).