Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Selling the Lie |

Dave Hunt

Demonstrations of apparent “psychic power” such as Will encountered give credibility and respectability to the occult in our day. The testimonials coming from excited individuals on the television commercial for the “Psychic Network Hotline” create new believers. The belief that alleged psychics are simply tapping into a power that we all have is supported by supposed authorities, as in this statement by Joseph Campbell in his Bill Moyers interview:

“We are at this moment participating in one of the very greatest leaps of the human spirit to a knowledge…of our own deep inward mystery. [In fact], the great ever.”

The occult invasion is gathering momentum. Much of that growth is due to the new respectability granted to “spirituality,” and nothing seems so spiritual as the occult. Writing for the New York Times News Service, Mary Tabor said:

“In the last few years readers have begun gobbling up an even broader range of books on religious and spiritual topics. Religious and quasi-spiritual books are creeping onto mainstream best-seller lists…[riding] a groundswell of interest in spiritual and theological matters…. Publishers and booksellers say the upswing in read interest stems partly from a desire for spiritual and moral guidance, and partly from disillusionment with a computer-driven and increasingly violent society.”

One of those bestselling books is The Celestine Prophecy. Although it is fiction, its alleged “insights…and the uncanny accuracy” concerning “the quantum leap forward humankind is preparing to make as we approach the new millennium” are being taken seriously by a wide range of readers. The author recites in a different and exciting manner the same lies one hears consistently from the proliferating channels, lies echoing the serpent in Eden and by now familiar to every reader. Nor can there be any doubt, as the book states, that a “spiritual renaissance [is] occurring on our planet today.”

The new respectability granted to “spirituality” opens the door to the clever deceit that a person may be “spiritual” but not “religious.” When he first encountered the New Age cult in which he became entangled, Will Baron asked what “religion” it represented. In response to his inquiry, the leader replied, “No, we are not a religion. We are spiritual.” Even Sears, that bastion of conservatism which has the trust of millions, in its very first newsletter to women promoted occultism in the reprint of an article condensed from New Woman magazine:

“First, relax. Make your mind still and quiet—an absolute blank…. Meet your inner adviser. With your quieted mind, invite a very loving, wise figure into your awareness. It could be an old man or woman, a plant, a dog. Sit patiently and let an image emerge. Then talk about whatever is troubling you….”

As earlier noted, “spirituality” has become the great delusion. It doesn’t matter what kind of “spirituality” one espouses. Just being “spiritual” is sufficient for the New Age mentality. “Spirituality” has taken on a generic and ecumenical meaning divorced from truth. In fact, to suggest that truth exists and at all else is a lie brings immediate antagonism. This new spirituality is Satan’s net in which he snares multitudes.

Marina Raye is a “spiritual motivator, seminar leaders and president of High Performance.” She teaches “Sacred Sexuality” based upon the belief that “everything is God…the pitcher of water, the floor, the fly that buzzes around…it’s all God…[so] we can greet our fellow humans as divine beings, Goddesses and Gods. We recognize the interconnectedness of all life….” Raye says, “A hopeful sign of the shift in consciousness is that many churches are willing to sponsor my workshops…. What better place to normalize Sacred Sexuality than in a church sanctuary!”