Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Shamans, Scientists, and Consciousness |

Dave Hunt

The first “scientists” were shamans (witch doctors, magicians, sorcerers, astrologers, etc.). They believed that matter itself was alive, indwelt by spirit beings who controlled it, and that by appeasing these entities through ritual and offerings they could gain favor with the spirits, manipulate the natural world, and harness the forces of nature. The pagan societies suffered every kind of disaster and humiliation at the hands of their gods, yet continued to supplicate them for help. Even more astonishing is the fact that modern man has revived a belief in Gaia (Mother Earth) as a living organism of which we are all a part. This pagan superstition, promoted by Vice President Al Gore, is at the heart of much of today’s ecological movement.

In every culture throughout history shamanism has been based upon the belief that the spirit world could be manipulated by thoughts firmly held in the mind, by words repeatedly spoken, and by pictures formed in the imagination. The modern application of these ancient shamanic beliefs is found in the Power of Positive Thinking, Positive Speaking, and visualization. All three of these occult techniques are practiced today in the arenas of education, psychology, business, and within the church.

Modern science was birthed when it was discovered that the physical world of nature is controlled not by elves and gnomes and spirits but by definite laws. The ever-more-sophisticated implementation of these laws has produced today’s civilization. The discovery of these laws caused materialistic science to imagine proudly that it was capable of uncovering all the secrets of the universe.

Reluctantly, science was forced to admit that consciousness lay outside its province. Thoughts were not physical, nor were the minds which conceived them. Ethics and morality, a sense of truth and justice, and an appreciation of natural beauty, poetry, and music lay outside the natural world of rocks, trees, and even animals and could not be explained in materialistic terms. As humanistic psychology metamorphosed into transpersonal psychology, and parapsychology gained acceptance, it became evident that psychic powers existed which defied the explanations of the physical sciences. Materialism was dead.