Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Some Further Problems |

Dave Hunt

The person calling the Gil Gross Show presses Professor Brown: “Have you heard from religious leaders about your book? Because in your book there’s other things that people might find more shocking…you say that you’ve communicated by remote viewing with Jesus [and] Buddha….”

“Look, the reason remote viewing works,” says Brown testily, “is because we…know under laboratory conditions that we’re more than physical blood, meat, bones. We are…a soul inside the body…. You don’t actually go to the places physically that you remote view but you can accurately describe them down to the finest detail using these very strict military-derived procedures. And when you can do that you say, well, there must be some part of you that is beyond the physical realm. And that part, of course, some people call it the soul, some call it the unconscious…we like to call it the subspace mind…. And it’s because the soul…can do things that the physical can’t do that we can in fact remote view with tremendous precision….”

The program then moved to a discussion of Dr. Brown’s book Cosmic Voyage and the secret community of Martians hiding on earth that he discovered through remote viewing. Brown also stated, “On Mars there’s a few hundred thousand…who have to leave and they’re going to come here in a flotilla. It’s an amazing and interesting event….” Dr. Brown has staked his academic reputation on the accuracy of these incredible beliefs which he discovered through remote viewing and which he claims will be revealed as true very soon. We’ll come back to that in our chapter dealing with UFOs.