Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Spiritual “Science” |

Dave Hunt

If the power of God is a force like gravity that works according to scientific laws (as Peale, Hagin, Copeland, Cho, Robertson, et at. claim), then anyone (Christian or atheist) who follows these laws scientifically may utilize God’s miraculous power. Hagin declares that even non-christians can receive miracles by applying God’s “laws of faith.” Charles Capps (a leader in the Positive Confession movement) writes:

“God’s Word is spiritual law. It functions just as surely as any natural law…. Words governed by spiritual law become spiritual forces working for you….

“THE NATURAL WORLD IS TO BE CONTROLLED BY MAN SPEAKING GOD’S WORDS…. This is…spiritual law. It works every time…. (Emphasis in original.)”

That the Positive Confession movement is a form of Christianized science (naturalism as opposed to supernaturalism) cannot be denied. No one disputes the fact that the laws of science govern the natural world. Anyone may apply the laws of physics and chemistry. It is heresy, however, to teach that Gods supernatural power is also governed by laws and can thus be released scientifically.

The bible teaches that God grants miracles by His grace; and by very definition grace can neither be merited nor elicited as an automatic response to the application of any law. Yet in contradiction to Scripture, David Yonggi Cho writes:

“There are three spiritual forces in the earth. The Spirit of God, the spirit of man, and the spirit of Satan…can hover over the material third dimension and exercise creative powers….

“The Holy Spirit said, ‘My son, man still does not realize the spiritual power I have given to him.’

“Yes, I said, realizing what God was referring to…. False prophets had power in the realm of the spirit because they had come to realize their potential.”

In summary, the so-called “Faith teachers” are teaching a Christianized form of naturalism similar to Christian Science and Science of Mind. Their system works (so they say) by “laws” scientifically applied: God’s laws of faith for Kenneth Hagin, the laws of the fourth dimension for Yonggi Cho, the eight laws of the secret kingdom (including the Law of Miracles) for Pat Robertson, etc. They claim to have received such heresies from the Holy Spirit.