Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Surprising Conclusion |

TBC Staff

After some further dialogue Fr. Martin remarks, “I would have illimitable trust in the methods that Major Ed Dames uses and the techniques. I have no qualms whatsoever, I really have not.”

“I find that remarkable…” says Art Bell, with obvious pleasure. “Many Christians, people who call this program or send me faxes, would say that what Ed is doing is of the devil.”

Ed says quickly, “Art, may I interrupt you…? The head of the Presidential Foreign Intelligence Board, when briefed on the existence of our program, stated, after he went sheet white, that man should not know these things until after he dies!”

“It’s a funny inversion of what happened in the Garden…” laughs Malachi Martin. “But you see, Art…I really do think that a charism [gift of the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12] has been developed in Ed Dames and his associates, and it is a work of God…. I remember being approached by some members of the armed forces in the middle eighties and their complaint was…‘Look, we have trained officers in certain techniques—and…they have no developed symptoms that you describe in your last book about [demonic] possession.’”

A few more words are said and then Art Bell concludes “I’m surprised at the result we got between the two of you and pleased by it and I would imagine you are too.”

“I am very surprised,” responds Fr. Malachi Martin, “and I’m very pleased and I’ve learned so much. And I’ve been enriched by this. I really want to thank you, Ed Dames.”

“It’s been nothing but an honor for me, Father Martin.”

“May God go with you and give you grace,” are the Jesuit priest’s final words of blessing to the “Christian” major.