Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Telling Contrast |

Dave Hunt

The greatest tragedy of this story is that “Bertha” and her family apparently never really knew the God they thought was giving them “guidance.” There is not a word about Christ in her story. “Bertha” still seems to be under occult bondage, still imagining that MRA could yet change the world.

Roy Livesey also left MRA and became a genuine Christian. More than ten years later he returned with a Christian friend and former MRA member for a visit to an MRA center in England. They were warmly received, but everything was different now. Livesey recalls:

“Like true Christians, the people in MRA have a burning desire to communicate the truth as they believe it… [But there was a] gulf separating us from our old friends…a gulf clear to those who are in Christ. A man ‘remade’ along MRA lines is not the same as a converted man who has new life in Christ. Our conversations were difficult…. My old friend soon told me we were arguing. The Bible speaks of contending for the faith…. When I was involved in MRA I didn’t know that even as I had some success taking the yardstick of absolute standards, in God’s eyes I was a sinner…. I did not know that the only answer was to be found in Jesus Christ. I didn’t know that the Bible says I was without excuse and that I needed Christ…that Jesus Christ is God…that He shed His blood and paid the price for my sin…that I needed to be saved…. David Belden’s Forum on MRA had brought to light the testimonies of many like Bertha who were ‘in’ MRA. These included some who are truly the insiders, who have given many years in the service of the MRA idea only to find that it hasn’t satisfied the real desires of their hearts. They have sought after the truth and not found it.”

There is nothing so deadly as religion. Every false concept of God (from the Star Wars Force to AA’s higher power) provides a front for Satan and demons. The counterfeit miracles and false guidance are enticements along the path to occult bondage for those who refuse to submit wholly to God’s Word. Tragically, MRA and AA and their offshoots are accepted even within the church. The same compromise that began in the Oxford movement is corrupting Youth with a Mission, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, and other Christian organizations in their equal zeal to “change the world for Christ.” The compromise of ecumenism opens the door to what seems at first to be only a tiny trickle of error far outweighed by the “good” it produces. The trickle has become a flood, as we shall see.