Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Templeton Prize for “Progress in Religion” |

Dave Hunt

We have already noted that one of the most anti-Christian men ever to be accepted as a Christian leader is wealthy money manager John Marks Templeton. He is so obviously an occultist that it is astounding that he could have “crept in unawares,” yet he has. Templeton offers an annual religion prize larger than the Nobel Prize. He explains why:

“Microbes slowly evolved into worms, fishes, reptiles, and mammals. Humans did not appear until forty thousand years ago…the human mind is so potent…that no one knows what may happen next. Evolution is accelerating…traditional Judaism and Christianity are losing their powers to inform the contemporary mind…. Theologians…must begin to explore the vast unseen dimensions of our evolving universe…. The main purpose of the Templeton Foundations is to encourage enthusiasm for accelerating discovery and progress in spiritual matters…. The next stage of human divine progress on the evolutionary scale needs…geniuses of the spirit…[who] can develop a body of knowledge about God that doesn’t rely on ancient revelations or scripture [such as the Bible]…that is scientific…and is not disputed because of divisions between religions or churches or ancient scripture or liturgy…. To encourage progress of this kind, we have established the Templeton Foundation Prizes for Progress in Religion.”