Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Theistic Evolution: A Convenient Compromise |

Dave Hunt

The Pope stands firmly with a theory which contradicts not only the Genesis account of creation but other key portions of the Bible as well. And today’s leading evangelical magazine, Christianity Today (begun and still backed by Billy Graham), supports the Pope in his endorsement of evolution. An editorial declared:

“John Paul II was…reminding scientists that if they were to be faithful Christians there were limits beyond which their science could not take them…no theory of evolution was acceptable…that did not recognize the direct divine origin of the human soul.”

This issue was discussed at a gathering of mostly professing evangelicals at Biola University in Southern California in mid-November 1996. There were scientists from various fields, along with journalists, theologians, and educators “representing 58 state colleges and universities, 28 Christian academic institutions, and 18 other organizations.” While all agreed that God was involved in the process (which Darwinism denies), there was wide disagreement on the extent of that involvement, all the way from a strict biblical creationist view to the belief that God used evolution to create various species over a period of millions of years and finally infused a pair of them with human souls. The latter theory is called theistic evolution.

In contrast to the intimidation by science and the lack of confidence in the Bible’s inerrancy to which both Catholics and many Protestants have succumbed, consider these stirring words from the famous preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon:

“We shall with the sword of the Spirit maintain the whole truth as ours, and shall not accept a part of it as a grant from the enemies of God. The truth of God we will maintain as the truth of God, and we shall not retain it because the philosophic mind consents to our doing so.

“If scientists agree to our believing a part of the Bible, we thank them for nothing: we believe it whether or no. Their assent is of no more consequence to our faith than…the consent of the mole to the eagle’s sight. God being with us we shall not cease from this glorying, but will hold the whole of revealed truth even to the end.”