Nuggets from Occult Invasion—They Are “Teaching Us Something” |

Dave Hunt

One of the most powerful evidences we have of the reality of these spirit entities and of their continued contact with mankind is found in the consistency of the messages which they provide through those who claim to be in touch with them. The same message comes independently through persons widely scattered around the world and who have never been in contact with one another. That fact has been noted by all of the investigators.

Parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo defines channeling as “bringing through some sort of intelligence, the nature undefined, whose purpose is to promote spiritual teachings and philosophical discussion.” Terence McKenna, who has replaced Timothy Leary as America’s drug guru, notes that one of the experiences common to psychedelic trips is contact with spirit beings who have a message: “Unless I’m completely crazy, they’re trying to teach us something.” Their message is amazingly consistent and, as Rogo says, involves spiritual teachings.

Quoted at the beginning of this chapter, Australia’s New Age News notes the “remarkable agreement, even unanimity, among the various channeled entities.” That fact is emphasized repeatedly by Jon Klimo in his definitive book on this subject. The major theme, as Klimo points out, is our alleged oneness with God, our ignorance of this oneness, the necessity to realize this oneness through “enlightenment,” and our return to earth through reincarnation many times in this long evolutionary process of attaining our true or higher self. It is the religious philosophy with which the serpent “enlightened” Eve.

It was shattering for atheist Helen Shucman when she began hearing a voice saying, “This is a course in miracles; take it down!” As well as teaching medical psychology at Columbia University, Shucman was Assistant Head of the Psychology Department at Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Far from diagnosing her as suffering from delusion, her equally atheistic colleagues told her to follow the instructions. When the dictation finally ended, the “Course” ran to an astonishing 1100 pages and has been acclaimed for its brilliant insight by psychologists and theologians alike.

The voice dictating A Course in Miracles claimed to be Jesus Christ Himself, intent upon correcting errors in the Bible that have offended unbelievers because of their “narrow-mindedness.” The Course explains that “forgiveness” is simply recognizing that sin does not exist and therefore there is nothing to forgive. The Course is popular with those who want to call themselves Christians while rejecting sound biblical doctrine. It has been taught at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral.

The dictating “Jesus” contradicted nearly everything the Bible says about Him. That fact is admitted by Kenneth Wapnick, head of the foundation that publishes the Course. Not surprisingly, what this “Jesus” said was in perfect agreement with the messages being communicated by a wide variety of entities through thousands of “channels” around the world. Yet Shucman was ignorant of the phenomenon of “channeling” until it suddenly happened to her.

When insurance supervisor Jach Pursel tried Eastern meditation at the prompting of his wife, he thought he kept falling asleep. She found herself, however, talking with a strangely accented “Lazaris” when Jach was in this state. “Lazaris” themes echo A Course in Miracles, “Seth” (recorded in numerous books over a 24-year period through Jane Roberts), “Ramtha,” and many other channeled entities: All is One and we are reincarnating, evolving, spiritual, immortal beings, all part of God but unaware of that great fact and on a journey of enlightenment to realize who we really are.

The “higher Self” of Meredith Lady Young, a New Hampshire publisher, channeled through her Agartha: A Journey to the Stars. Once again the message was positive thinking, evolutionary advancement to perfection, the oneness of all, that “God” is an energy, and that man is God: “We [channeling spirits] are multidimensional beings from another more spiritually evolved plane. Our aim is one of positive reinforcement to further man’s development…. The human race must recognize its deeply buried bond with Universal Energy or no significant spiritual growth is possible.”