Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Trapped by “Guardian Angels”! |

Dave Hunt

Lenny and Diana Goldberg learned to contact their very own “angels.”

“We were looking for the next step in our [spiritual] growth,” says Lenny, “when we found a book that … [contained] step-by-step directions for communicating with one’s ‘guardian angels.’” He continues:

“We obtained the materials called for … a Ouija board and … pure white candles, and set to work in the hopes of speaking to angels who would have all of the answers we were seeking. We said a prayer that only the highest angels should respond and we asked for protection against any ‘lower entities’ as we lit the candles. In a very short time, each of us was communicating, via the board, with our very own angels … as spirit channelers. … [We] soon found out that we could communicate with … fairies, ‘ascended master’ such as ‘Michael the Archangel’ and even ‘car angels’ that protected us while in our Camry. The Ouija board soon became too slow … so the guides taught Diana and later me to communicate by automatic writing.”

Lenny Goldberg was told by his “guardian angels” that he had been chosen to have a book channeled through him about the coming “New Age” and life on other planets. The main theme of the book would be “unconditional love and how to achieve it.” Such a theme assured Lenny of the benevolent nature of the entities now guarding and guiding him. He continues his story:

“When it came time to write the book … the ‘highest spirit’ … entered me to begin dictation. His name was ‘the christ.’  … Over time … the voices of my invisible ‘friends’ became … threatening that they would stop their communication if I did not obey their increasing demands. … The ‘miracles’ that were taking place in my life assured me that I must persevere.”

Lenny awakened to the awful reality when, as he says, “One day … ‘the christ’ informed me that it was time to take the next step in my evolution. I was to join them where they were.” Lenny’s story begins to sound like Heaven’s Gate:

“’In heaven?’ I asked. ‘Wouldn’t I have to be dead to go there?’ The spirit answered affirmatively and offered some creative suggestions as to how to kill myself. At this I fell on my knees in tears and pleaded that there might be some other way that I could serve God and remain with my family. And then I did something that as a Jew I’d never done before. Somewhere I had heard that Jesus … could help. … I found myself praying to this unknown Jesus, ‘… please show me how I can live and serve God. …’ Suddenly I heard a different voice telling me … that the spirit I was channeling was Satan… ! I felt confused, scared, angry, and dirty. I called for my ‘guardian angel’ who had told me he would always protect me. And he said, ‘Yes, I am Satan. Certainly you knew all along that you were serving me.’”

Two days later Lenny met with a local evangelical pastor who explained the gospel and led him in a prayer to receive Christ. He began to read the Bible. When he came to 2 Corinthians:11:14 (“Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”) he understood it clearly. Lenny ends his story, “In June of 1989, Jesus was my ‘way out’ of Satan’s ‘new age.’”