Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Trust Badly Misplaced! |

Dave Hunt

“An excellent advisor”? Sounds like Napoleon Hill again. And don’t be surprised to discover that the advice given by “George” was exactly like that which came from Hill’s nine famous men. One of the indications that this is not just “imagination” is found in the “advice which the inner advisor or spirit guide provides. It offers knowledge and wisdom unknown to those who originally visualized the creature or creatures; and that counsel, as we continue to emphasize, always presents in slightly different form the same lies with which the serpent, according to the Bible, seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden. That fact should provide evidence of who or what is the source of the “wisdom” being offered.

Masters and Houston suggest that the “altered state of consciousness” is the best way to contact occult entities. The reason they give is rather interesting:

“[Perhaps] within that range of states we think of as normal, conscious contact with these other life forms has been made impossible by some kind of shielding against it…. By altering consciousness we sometimes drop the shield, and the contacts become possible.”

Indeed, it seems that the various occult techniques for altering consciousness, like consciousness-altering drugs, have been specifically designed and developed to open one to the occult by knocking down a “shield.” Might it not be that this “shield” has been put in place by God to prevent an invasion of the human personality by demonic entities? The best advice would be, “Don’t drop that shield!”

Yet the very techniques which tear down that shield are being recommended and taught not only by Masters and Houston and other New Age gurus but are being promoted in the church. The door of the human spirit is deliberately being opened to an occult invasion! Here is what a former leader in the New Age movement, speaking from years of experience, has to say:

“After lengthy observation [from inside, as a leader] of the entire New Age scene, I am convinced that these techniques (rebirthing, yoga, TM, visualization of inner guides, etc.) have an intrinsic power in themselves. They work because they are designed specifically to blow open doors and known down barriers that God has placed in the human spirit to prevent a takeover by demonic beings that I came to realize are real and very destructive.”

Rather than being representations of the collective unconscious (one of the lies taught to Carl Jung by these deceiving entities), the preponderance of evidence indicates that the entities encountered through shamanic techniques are forms taken by demonic spirits intent upon deceiving and destroying mankind. Yet Masters and Houston (along with many others involved in the occult) promise that if you “trust the guide and have confidence in the ability of the guide to protect you, then you will be safe from harm.” It sounds hauntingly like something which the disguised wolf might reassuringly whisper in the ear of Little Red Riding Hood.