Nuggets from Occult Invasion—UFOs, ETIs, and Near-Death Experiences |

Dave Hunt

If man is the product of universal evolutionary forces, then there could theoretically be intelligent life on numerous other planets throughout the cosmos. If life began on Earth by chance, it might have begun elsewhere by chance as well. A recent letter to the editor of Time said, “Common sense and mathematics dictate that in a universe of trillions of star systems, the conditions for life could be rare and still occur millions of times. If it could happen here, we can be sure it has happened elsewhere.” However, as we have shown, the mathematics prove that life couldn’t happen by chance here or anywhere.

Evolution was central to the religion of the Heaven’s Gate cult members. These intelligent and talented people were convinced that suicide would allow them to be reincarnated into new bodies on a higher evolutionary level. If the theory were true, higher life-forms must exist elsewhere. Evolution could have been in progress on some other planets 10 billion years longer than on Earth.

Robert Jastrow (past director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies) suggests that some extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs) could have evolved as far beyond man as man is beyond a worm. Their incredible powers would make them seem like gods to us, compelling us to fall down and worship them. If, or when, they find us here on Earth, will they be friendly? That question should terrify evolutionists.

President Reagan suggested that a direct threat from alien forces could unite Earth’s inhabitants for mutual protection. Obviously, however, any beings able to travel the vast distances to Earth must be so far beyond our capabilities that we could not defend ourselves. Thus the film Independence Day, which depicted Earth’s forces winning the battle, was ludicrous.

It would take our spacecraft about 90,000 years to reach Earth’s closest stars! Our galaxy is about 100,000 light years across, with the next closest galaxy about 1.5 million light years beyond that. To penetrate only 1 percent of our galaxy would take Pioneer or Voyager 2 million years! Jacques Vallee claims that “space-time could be folded to allow almost instantaneous travel from one point of our universe to another….” That is unproved theory, and certainly beyond human capabilities. ETIs reaching Earth by any means would have to be so far beyond us that they could do with us as they pleased.

An international conference, “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,” was held in Washington, D.C. during May 27-29, 1995. It dealt with how to handle the expected contact with ETIs. This author was the only speaker to point out the absurdity of thinking that we would have anything to say should such an event occur. We would have no defense against the weapons of such creatures, no basis for negotiation, and no reason to hope for mercy, but much reason to fear.

Why should such “highly evolved” beings act toward us mere “worms” in any way other than in their own selfish interests? There is no evidence that evolution produces kindness, even in its highest forms, but exactly the opposite. A species doesn’t survive long enough to reach godlike status by dealing fairly and compassionately with others. They would likely be even more self-serving than we are. They might keep some of us as pets or slaves, but their robots would be more efficient and cheaper to maintain, so most earthlings would be destroyed.