Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Is the Universe a Hologram? |

Dave Hunt

The modern development of holograms has supplied one of the major “scientific” arguments in support of the belief that we are infinite beings possessing infinite powers. A holographic image can hang in the air and be seen from all sides. Primitive ones were used in the Star Wars film series. The remarkable feature of a hologram is that no matter the number of pieces into which it is cut, each on contains the entire image.

Some theorists claim that the basic structure of the universe and all in it is holographic. If so, each of us is a tiny holographic image of the whole, containing within ourselves all wisdom, power, and knowledge that ever was or ever will be. Deepak Chopra declares, “If you examine yourself, you realize that we are all holograms—everything in the outside world is inside us.” It certainly does not follow from self-examination that we contain the universe within ourselves. On the contrary, it takes little reflection to recognize this idea as a delusion.

Nevertheless, the holographic theory has been embraced even by such top scientists as Brian Josephson, Nobel laureate in physics. On that basis, Josephson expects to explore the entire universe from the innermost depths of the atom to the farthest reaches of the cosmos by looking within himself through yoga. He has held this belief for many years now, but we still await the evidence.