Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Was the Ancient “Muse” a Spirit? |

Dave Hunt

In Greek mythology the arts were under the direction of the nine daughters of Zeus by Mnemosyne. These nymphs, or lower deities, also known as muses, inspired writers and artists. The Muse Euterpe was the inspirer of lyric poetry; the Muse Terpsichore inspired music and dancing. Johannes Brahms felt that at times when composing he was “in tune with the Infinite.” Although he believed that his inspiration came from God, the fact that he admitted having to be “in a semitrance condition…[with] the conscious mind…in temporary abeyance,” as with a spirit medium, betrays another source. God does not inspire trance mediums. Tchaikovsky confessed that under similar inspiration he “behaved like a madman.”

Richard Strauss was sure that at least some of the music that he wrote was “dictated” to him by “Omnipotent Entities” not of this earth. The great opera Madame Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini was convinced, was dictated to him “by God.” Gustav Mahler claimed that he was compelled by other powers to compose what he hadn’t chosen to write. George Gershwin testified that Rhapsody in Blue came to him suddenly, that he heard and saw as though on paper “the complete construction of the Rhapsody, from beginning to end.” Of his hit song “The Blizzard,” country-western composer Harlan Howard said his pencil just kept on writing, surprising him as it went, and he wondered, “Did some great songwriter in the sky use me as a medium?” Operetta composer Rudolf Friml said:

“I sit down at the piano, and I put my hands on the piano. And I let the spirit guide me! No, I never do the music. I never compose it; oh no, no! I am a tool. I am nothing. I am being used. It comes from someone, a spirit perhaps, using me.”

We can only conclude that, just as they all believed, some entity or entities not of this world have guided these composers. But who are these entities? And what about Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and other charismatic leaders who claim that the Holy Spirit inspires them to speak forth some prophecy that proves to be false? And what of the claims that Christ has even appeared to some of them?

Would Jesus really appear to Yonggi Cho in a red fireman’s uniform, or to Oral Roberts in a form 900 feet tall, as these men claim? And could the countless apparitions around the world really be the Mary who gave birth to Jesus, when they speak forth so many lies and continually contradict Scripture? Who or what are these beings? What is their purpose? The question of the identity and purpose of these entities requires a careful answer.